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Our recycling concept

The METASYS subsidiary, DENTAL ECO SERVICE, offers a comprehensive recycling concept for collected amalgam residues and serves a global network of collection points. The collected amalgam waste is professionally recycled at our in-house conditioning plant. In Austria and Germany, other dental waste (such as x-ray chemicals and lead foils) is also collected and disposed of in accordance with statutory requirements.

With its straightforward and legally correct disposal of dental waste, DENTAL ECO SERVICE helps every dental practice to protect the environment. DENTAL ECO SERVICE has also introduced the voluntary system of environmental management and environmental operations certification (ISO 14001 and EMAS/Eco Audit, specialized waste management company).

Amalgam Disposal

ECO TRANSFORM: The amalgam disposal service

ECO TRANSFORM is a system developed by METASYS which is used to reclaim valuable raw materials from amalgam waste. In order to protect water and the environment, the installation of amalgam separators in dental units is a legal requirement in many countries of the world. 

The separation process ensures that amalgam is caught inside a collection container. Once the collection container is full, the manufacturer's requirements stipulate that the container has to be replaced and proper waste disposal must take place. 1 g of mercury can contaminate up to 100,000 litres of drinking water. By recycling amalgam waste, the DENTAL ECO SERVICE - METASYS Group is making an important contribution towards water pollution control!

The waste materials are processed at our in-house recycling plant which was specifically designed to recycle amalgam (recycling type R4 as per European directive). We process 100% of the collected amalgam waste and annually return 1,500 kg of pure mercury back into the materials cycle.

Specialised Waste Management Company Certificate - DENTAL ECO SERVICE
Specialised Waste Management Company Certificate - RECYCO DENT

Amalgam Disposal


Our amalgam disposal service

The installation of an amalgam separator is the most important measure to prevent amalgam from polluting our ground water. The competent authorities of many countries all around the world have already recognized this by making the installation of an amalgam separator according to the ISO 11143 standard compulsory for dentists.

For the sake of the environment:

Amalgam and other dental waste must be collected, recycled and disposed of correctly. Theses tasks are at the heart of DENTAL ECO SERVICE's portfolio.

As a certified "Specialized Waste Management Company" DENTAL ECO SERVICE GmbH proves its knowledge, competence in the field and know-how in handling precarious hazardous material.

In the course of the company history, an international network of collection points has been set up which now comprises of more than 17 countries worldwide. At our in-house recycling plant several tons of mercury are recovered every year.

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