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Dental Equipment

It all started with the amalgam separator ...

METASYS Medizintechnik GmbH started off as a small "inventor's business" in 1988 and began the development of amalgam separation technologies. Today, the company is one of the market leaders of production and sales of amalgam separators and has an international reputation. Amalgam separators are still a key product of the very comprehensive product range of METASYS which is comprised of central, semi-wet and dry suction systems, compressors, hygiene and water decontamination systems, as well as all kinds of accessories used in dental technology and industry.

Automatic air/water separators

In countries where amalgam separation is not mandatory, dental practices may choose to install air/water separators before a dry suction system. METASYS offers air/water separators with integrated heavy parts collector which separates coarse contaminants in the collection tank, therefore preventing sedimentation in the pipes and prolonging the functional life of the dry suction system.

The modular construction of the METASYS air/water separators offers a high level of operational safety, ease of servicing and handling and low costs for maintenance and spare parts.

MST 1 ECO Light

MST 1 ECO Light

An automatic single-unit air/water separator

MST 1 ECO Light
MST 1 ECO Light with prefilter
MST 1 ECO Light floor version

Customized Versions

The METASYS MST 1 ECO Light is an automatic single-unit air/water separator with a place selection valve. The integrated heavy parts collector prevents amalgam from forming deposits in the downstream hose system. 

Drawing on decades of experience, the METASYS MST 1 ECO is well-known for its smooth and trouble-free functioning and impresses with its simple and particularly user-friendly operation.