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Dental Equipment

It all started with the amalgam separator ...

METASYS Medizintechnik GmbH started off as a small "inventor's business" in 1988 and began the development of amalgam separation technologies. Today, the company is one of the market leaders of production and sales of amalgam separators and has an international reputation. Amalgam separators are still a key product of the very comprehensive product range of METASYS which is comprised of central, semi-wet and dry suction systems, compressors, hygiene and water decontamination systems, as well as all kinds of accessories used in dental technology and industry.

Amalgam Separators

Legal duty and moral responsibility

When amalgam particles are discharged into the environment through waste water, the mercury contained in the amalgam alloy is converted into organic mercury and becomes toxic: Just 1 g of mercury can contaminate up to 100,000 litres of drinking water this way! Therefore, it is not only a legal obligation but also our moral duty to properly handle and dispose of amalgam waste. Installing an amalgam separator in the dental practice is the right way to fulfill this responsibility.

METASYS single unit amalgam separators are often directly integrated into the treatment unit. Numerous dental chair manufacturers offer units with built-in METASYS amalgam separators. For retrofitting, METASYS as well as the respective manufacturers also offer unit-specific installation sets. Should it be impossible to integrate the amalgam separator into the existing equipment, it can be fitted into a shapely floor housing which requires only a minimum amount of floor space.

With a METASYS amalgam separator, you can put your trust in the proven technology of the one of the market leaders in its industry: More than 250,000 devices have already been installed worldwide.

Brochure Amalgam Separation

Amalgam Separator MST 1


Separation rate of 98.6 %

MULTI SYSTEM TYPE 1 floor model

Customized Versions

The MULTI SYSTEM TYPE 1 (MST 1) by METASYS is a two-stage, single-unit amalgam separator with integrated air/water separation and place selection valve. It convinces with technical expertise gained from many years of practical experience.

With its modular construction and separation rate of 98.6 % (according to the German DIN standard) achieved by pre-sedimentation and dynamic separation, the MST 1 is a milestone of modern dental technology in services to the environment. Its integrated self-cleaning function reduces the cost of maintenance to a minimum.

The benefits of the MST 1 are compelling:
  • proven technology: more than 250,000 units have been installed worldwide
  • optimal static air/water separation
  • integrated place selection valve
  • connects directly to the spittoon bowl
  • very easy to service due to its modular construction
  • suitable for wet and dry systems



Space-saving and easy to use

COMPACT Dynamic floor model

Customized Versions

The space-saving, single-unit amalgam separator COMPACT Dynamic is noted for its high level of reliability and its ease of use and servicing. The dynamic separation process (up to 96.4 %) ensures optimum and reliable function even during the heaviest of strains (foam formation during prophylaxis work, AIR-FLOW® and various surgical procedures).

The up-to-date capacitative sensor technology reliably monitors the filling level externally. This means that the COMPACT Dynamic has no internal submersible probes that require regular cleaning. To properly clean and disinfect the device, all that is needed is to carry out a suction disinfection process using GREEN&CLEAN M2.

The benefits of the COMPACT Dynamic are compelling:
  • the dynamic separation counteracts foam formation inside the device, and thus prevents equipment failure
  • the capacitative sensor technology ensures maximum reliability
  • the entire device is cleaned through the suction line (suction disinfection); handling of the contaminated parts is therefore not necessary
  • easy retrofitting thanks to its space-saving construction; retrofit kit available

ECO II Tandem

ECO II / ECO II Tandem

Central amalgam separator

ECO II D, Germany
ECO II D, Germany (exchange kit)
ECO II Tandem D, Germany
ECO II Tandem D, Germany (exchange kit)
ECO II International
ECO II Tandem International
ECO II International (exchange kit)

For further information - see Download Area

The ECO II is straightforward in its construction and works entirely without an electronic control unit, delivering a separation rate of 99.3%. The entire device is replaced after about a year. The ECO II is suitable for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective alternative to electronically controlled centrifugal systems. The ECO II can serve up to 3 dental units, while the ECO II Tandem can serve 3 to 5 dental units. It is also available as a module for the EXCOM hybrid A1/A2/A5 central semi-wet suction systems.

The benefits of the ECO II and ECO II Tandem are compelling:
  • straightforward and uncomplicated because it has no electronics
  • high separation rate of 99.3 %
  • can be deployed for up to 5 dental units
  • the cost-effective alternative to centrifugal systems


Note: The ECO II amalgam separator is approved for use in Germany only as ECO II D!

image by WebDog

Cover for ECO II / ECO Air

The sedimentation separator ECO II - ideal for retrofitting to existing suction systems, central, easy to install, maintenance-free, without electronic components – is now available with a suitable cover (incl. connection adapter).

The new cover has many advantages:
  • small footprint: dimensions (H x W x D): 350 x 270 x 200 mm, with a set-up area of 0.05m²
  • connection adapter included
  • easily accessible: the annual container change is quick and easy
  • light and sturdy material

Order no: 40050073 - Cover for ECO II / ECO Air incl. adapters