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Disinfection & Hygiene

Infection control

Microorganisms are part of our daily lives. The risk of infection is usually not considered particularly high. Not so in medical practices - the risk of infection is much higher here. The frequent change of patients and the nature of the work itself require consequent hygiene measures. The responsibility of the physician towards his staff, the patient and himself calls for the use of highly effective hygiene and disinfectants. With its GREEN&CLEAN product range, METASYS meets all hygiene requirements and guidelines. Advanced active and conditioning agents ensure absolute safety and infection protection. CE marks and VAH listings vouch for the products' high quality standards. With GREEN&CLEAN, you can ensure optimal hygiene in all areas of the dental practice!


easy and safe

METASYS GREEN&CLEAN accessories make the handling of the GREEN&CLEAN products easy and safe.

The extensive range of GREEN&CLEAN accessories offers disinfection trays in various sizes, wall dispensers for hand disinfectants and hand wash lotions, water taps for 5 l canisters and measuring beakers customized to the respective products.

These accessories ensure the simple and flexible application of the GREEN&CLEAN products.

WK dosing aid

GREEN&CLEAN WK dosing aid

*** NEW! ***

Instruction card - GREEN&CLEAN WK dosing aid

Simple and hygienically safer dosage is made possible with the new dosing aid from METASYS for dental units with bottle systems.

Hygienic cleanliness plays an equally important role in water disinfection, as in other areas of hygiene in the dental practice.

The new dosing aid is compatible for use with the 750 ml GREEN&CLEAN WK bottle. By lightly pressing the bottle, simple dosing is possible - no more screwing on and off the bottle lid and troublesome handling of a measuring beaker! The dosing aid effectively prevents contamination of the bottle contents through its tight fit on the bottle and its reclosable lid. Depending on the size of the water bottle, it is possible to dose an amount of 6 ml to 18 ml, as specified in the dosing table.

  • compatible with the 750 ml GREEN&CLEAN WK bottle
  • easy and safe dosage for maximum hygiene
  • time-saving
  • with reclosable lid for optimal protection against contamination
  • quick transfer from empty to full bottle
  • easy assembly and tight fit on the GREEN&CLEAN WK bottle
  • straightforward handling: dosed amount can be emptied directly into the bottle

WK test strips

GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips

Function check of the decontamination device

GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips, 5 pcs/pkg
GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips, 25 pcs/pkg
GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips, 50 pcs/pkg

For further information - see Download Area

With the GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips, it is possible to conduct a visual inspection of the functionality and the effectiveness of the water decontamination system.

The scale on the test strip changes color upon contact with dental process water, thus indicating the level of concentration of the disinfectant GREEN&CLEAN WK, and consequently whether decontamination is taking place.

For the METASYS WEK Light water decontamination system, it is mandatory to conduct this visual inspection every week since the device does not emit automated error signals if no disinfection is conducted.

  • for the visual inspection of the functionality and the effectiveness of the water decontamination system
  • the color scale on the test strip indicates the level of concentration of the disinfectant GREEN&CLEAN WK in the process water
  • included in the service kit
  • 5/25/50 pcs/pkg available
  • WEK Light: weekly inspection is required

Disinfection Trays

Trays and bur disinfection boxes

Disinfection tray, large
Disinfection tray, small
Drill disinfection tray

For further information - see Download Area

METASYS disinfection trays contribute to a trouble-free and safe method of disinfecting instruments, drills and dental impressions. The strainers with ergonomic handles make it simple to remove immersed objects from the disinfection solution for subsequent rinsing and drying.

Following disinfection trays are available for different types of application:

  • disinfection tray 4 l with cover and strainer
  • disinfection tray 1.25 l with cover and strainer
  • bur disinfection box 200 ml with cover and strainer

wall dispenser

Wall Dispenser

Wall dispenser, long lever – 1000 ml
Wall dispenser, short lever – 500 ml

For further information - see Download Area

The user-friendly wall dispenser with elbow lever optimally and conveniently dispenses GREEN&CLEAN hand disinfection and hand wash products. The wall dispenser is made of durable aluminum and is available for 500 ml and 1000 ml euro bottles with long or short levers.

water tap

Water Taps

Water tap for canister 5 l
Water tap for canister 5 l - only for HD

For further information - see Download Area

The water tap allows simple and economical dispensing and refilling of GREEN&CLEAN products from a 5 l canister into smaller bottles or containers.

Green&Clean Beaker

Measuring beaker

ID N measuring beaker
RD N measuring beaker

For further information - see Download Area

When diluting concentrated GREEN&CLEAN products, it is important to attain the proper dilution ratio to reach the desired spectrum of efficacy. To facilitate this, these products have their own measuring beakers with a precise scale to make determining the proper dosage easy and convenient.

Following measuring beakers are available:

  • Measuring beaker for GREEN&CLEAN RD N
  • Measuring beaker for GREEN&CLEAN ID N