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Disinfection & Hygiene

Infection control

Microorganisms are part of our daily lives. The risk of infection is usually not considered particularly high. Not so in medical practices - the risk of infection is much higher here. The frequent change of patients and the nature of the work itself require consequent hygiene measures. The responsibility of the physician towards his staff, the patient and himself calls for the use of highly effective hygiene and disinfectants. With its GREEN&CLEAN product range, METASYS meets all hygiene requirements and guidelines. Advanced active and conditioning agents ensure absolute safety and infection protection. CE marks and VAH listings vouch for the products' high quality standards. With GREEN&CLEAN, you can ensure optimal hygiene in all areas of the dental practice!


extend their functional life

All instruments used in surgery, and even any instruments that have been laid out openly, must be considered contaminated and, without exception, subjected to hygienic reprocessing. As preparation for manual instrument reprocessing, coarse contaminants must first be removed with tissue paper or using a brush and water. If necessary, instruments should be disassembled. To prevent infection in case an injury occurs during the pre-cleaning, it is recommended to immerse the instruments in a disinfectant solution prior to the pre-cleaning. The instruments must be immersed completely and free of bubbles to ensure that all inner and outer surfaces are completely moistened. After the elapsed action time, instruments are removed from the solution and rinsed with water, checked for potential residues and dried with a single-use towel. (Source: RKI guidelines)

Proper instrument hygiene in dental practices faces new challenges every day. Taking appropriate disinfection measures using suitable products helps keep expensive dental instruments in good working order and extends their functional life. With the GREEN&CLEAN product range for instruments, METASYS provides the solution for your instrument cleaning and disinfection needs!





Disinfecting precleaning concentrate for instruments

ID N 4 x 500 ml + measuring beaker
ID N 1 x 5 l canister
ID N measuring beaker
Water tap for canister 5 l

Highly effective concentrate for the disinfecting preliminary cleaning of invasive and non-invasive instruments.

  • extraordinary cleaning effect
  • suitable for flexible and rigid instruments, as well as heat-sensitive and -insensitive instruments
  • 5 l of concentrate result in 500 l of working solution
  • prevents corrosion for the protection of your instruments
  • suitable for use in the ultrasonic bath
  • aldehyde- and phenol-free
  • recommendation of the endoscope manufacturer Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG, Tuttlingen (Germany)
  • release and recommendation of NTI-Kahla GmbH for application on sensitive rotary dental instruments 
  • disinfectant solution VAH listed
  • standing time: 7 days
  • CE 00444




Disinfection of handpieces, contra-angles and turbines

IK hand and contra-angles
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine W&H
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine Bien Air
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine KaVo
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine Sirona
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine Castellini
IK Spray for Coupling Turbine NSK
IK Turbine Sirona T1 Classic

For further information - see Download Area

Ready-to-use, alcoholic disinfectant spray for the spray water and spray air channels of handpieces, contra-angles and turbines.

  • short action time
  • increased application security through pre-assembled adapter
  • one bottle suffices for approx. 300 applications, when spraying for approx. 2 seconds each time
  • one universal adapter for all handpieces & contra-angles, as well as turbine couplings and custom adapters for the most
    common manufacturers
  • does not replace oil spray recommended by manufacturer!
  • disinfectant solution VAH listed
  • factory release (W&H, Dentsply Sirona)
  • CE 0044