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Disinfection & Hygiene

Infection control

Microorganisms are part of our daily lives. The risk of infection is usually not considered particularly high. Not so in medical practices - the risk of infection is much higher here. The frequent change of patients and the nature of the work itself require consequent hygiene measures. The responsibility of the physician towards his staff, the patient and himself calls for the use of highly effective hygiene and disinfectants. With its GREEN&CLEAN product range, METASYS meets all hygiene requirements and guidelines. Advanced active and conditioning agents ensure absolute safety and infection protection. CE marks and VAH listings vouch for the products' high quality standards. With GREEN&CLEAN, you can ensure optimal hygiene in all areas of the dental practice!

Special Areas

to ensure safety and hygiene in the dental office

In dental offices, particular attention must be given to the proper cleaning and disinfection of special areas. This does not only apply to amalgam separators and suction systems, but also the spittoon and the disinfection of impressions and prosthetic workpieces.

At least once each working day, the contaminated inner surfaces of the suction system (suction hoses) must be disinfected. (Source: RKI guidelines). Preparations with defoaming properties are particularly suitable for this purpose. These ensure the proper function of the amalgam and separator as well as the disinfection of the suction hoses in order to prevent backflow.

To clean the spittoon, enzyme-based cleaners are particularly suitable which thoroughly dissolve protein and remove limescale and colour sedimentation.

Impressions and prosthetic workpieces may only be handed over to a third party after prior disinfection. Immersion disinfection as well as automated spray disinfection are appropriate for this purpose. When disinfecting impressions, make sure that the product used is suitable for the particular material. Unsuitable disinfectants or improper use (action times!) may affect the dimensional stability.


M2 intro kit new


Suction system disinfection

M2 intro kit
M2 refill kit I
M2 refill kit II
M2 red - 25 x 500 ml
M2 green - 25 x 500 ml
Dispenser for M2
Upgrade kit for M2 dispenser

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Dual, actively defoaming concentrate for the daily cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of suction systems and amalgam separators.

  • dual system (red/green) active against resistance
  • excellent active defoaming
  • easy handling through well-designed dispenser
  • high environmental compatibility
  • high material compatibility
  • enzymatic product with excellent protein dissolving power
  • ideal for all amalgam separators and air-water separators
  • tested according to EN standards and VAH guidelines
  • CE 0044


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Suction system cleaning

CL intro kit
CL refill kit

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Concentrate for the daily cleaning of suction systems and amalgam separators.

  • very economical concentrate
  • especially recommended in case of increased contamination load or excessive foaming
  • high environmental compatibility
  • good material compatibility
  • aldehyde- and phenol-free
  • CE

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Disinfection of impressions

AD canister 5 l

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Ready-to-use solution for the sustained immersion disinfection of all prosthetics, worn dentures and dental impressions.

  • short action time
  • form stability certificate (Fresenius Institute)
  • can be used for alginates, silicones, polyether rubber and impression trays
  • no impairment of surface quality or dimensional stability of the impressions
  • excellent cleaning power
  • high material compatibility
  • formaldehyde- and phenol-free
  • standing time: 7 days
  • CE 0044

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Spittoon bowl cleaning

MB start
MB intro kit
MB refill kit I
MB refill kit II
MB replacement brushes (4 pcs.)
MB dispensing bottle with brush, empty

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Practical dispenser with integrated brush based on citric acid and enzymes for an optimal cleaning of the spittoon bowl.

  • dissolves limescale and color sedimentation
  • excellent protein dissolving power through enzymatic ingredients
  • with special defoamer
  • CE