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ECOTransform FAQ's

Questions about our Amalgam disposal service

How does ECO TRANSFORM work?

Depending on the national regulations of the country where you are, the full amalgam container may be dispatched either by post or through one of our appointed carriers. For further information about the arrangements for your country, please refer to the leaflet enclosed with your collection container or contact us.

How do I prepare the full amalgam collection container for dispatch?

Empty the included disinfectant into the container, and then carefully close the container. Place the collection container into the polystyrene shells of the transport packaging (DHL-approved packaging), then inside the shipping carton. Close the carton (one-time lock) and make sure that you have added the sender's details (practice stamp) on the prepared address label. 

How do I obtain a new amalgam collection container?

You can purchase a METASYS collection container through your dental dealer. You receive a complete service package which consists of a type-tested shipping box, a pouch of disinfectant and pre-printed address labels for the METASYS collection points (in certain countries also a return postage-paid label for dispatch by post).

Who notifies the national authorities of the disposal?

Once the disposal has taken place, DENTAL ECO SERVICE notifies the relevant national authorities. The dental practice receives a certificate of recycling by post.

Does ECO TRANSFORM dispose of METASYS collecting containers only?

You can use ECO TRANSFORM to dispose of collection containers from ANY manufacturer. We also provide new containers for the following amalgam separator systems:

  • Dürr (cassette and pot)
  • Sirona (grey and black)
  • Cattani
What can I do if I have collected amalgam waste in a non-approved container?

If you have not been collecting your amalgam waste in an approved container, just contact us at and we will find a solution for you.

Where can I send my full amalgam container in my country?

Please contact us at for further information.