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Hygiene & Infection

Microorganisms control

Microorganisms are part of our daily lives. Usually, their infection risk is not considered particularly high. Not so in medical practices - here, the risk of infection is much higher. The frequent change of patients and the nature of the work itself require consequent hygiene measures. Doctors are obliged towards their staff, their patients and themselves to use highly effective hygiene and disinfection agents.
With its GREEN&CLEAN product range, METASYS meets all hygiene requirements and regulations. Advanced active and conditioning agents guarantee absolute safety and infection control. CE markings and VAH listings vouch for the products' high quality standards.
With GREEN&CLEAN, you can ensure optimal hygiene in all areas of the dental practice!

Unit Hygiene

reduces bacteria and protects against infections

The formation of biofilm in water pipes poses a significant health risk. Contaminated and polluted water increases the risk of infection for patients and staff. Continuous decontamination reduces bacteria and protects against infections caused by microorganisms, such as legionella. The use of a disinfection system is therefore recommended (Source: RKI guidelines). METASYS Water Decontamination systems WEK and WEK Light, in combination with GREEN&CLEAN WK, provide continuous cleaning and decontamination of all water pipes in the dental unit. This way, biofilm is reliably and completely removed. The patient is protected against infections and is not exposed to harmful chemicals. Through the addition of limescale inhibitors, calcification in the pipe systems is prevented even at very high levels of water hardness.

The H1 METASYS system is fully automatic and reduces the risk of infection through contamination of secretion-bearing pipes and filters. While suction is on, the H1 Hygiene System conducts a continuous cleaning and disinfection cycle on the parts of the suction system which are contaminated during everyday work.




Decontamination concentrate for the Hygiene System H1

H1 refill kit

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In connection with the METASYS H1 hygiene system, the cleaning preparation GREEN&CLEAN H1 guarantees economical care and decontaminating of the whole suction system especially after the removal of the suction tube. Enzymes cater for a high protein solubility and thus manage to also remove old deposits.

  • actively defoaming
  • optimal cleaning effect through enzymes
  • modern active agent combination: quaternary ammonium compounds, special tenside, enzymes
  • CE




water line decontaminant

WK refill kit I
WK refill kit II

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Ready-to-use solutions on hydrogen peroxide basis for the decontamination of process water and prevention of limescale deposits in the pipe system of dental units.

  • 2% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • broad spectrum of efficacy
  • prevention of biofilm
  • no formation of resistance is possible
  • limescale inhibitor: prevents calcification
  • very material-friendly
  • protects hand and angle pieces
  • CE 0044




biofilm removing solution

BR 2 x 1000 ml

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4% hydrogen peroxide solution for the removal of biofilm in the water-bearing pipes of the dental unit.

  • effective biofilm removal in only 30 minutes
  • simple application through coloured solution
  • recommended for the refurbishment of dental units as well as before the installation of a water decontamination system
  • active agent: hydrogen peroxide
  • CE 0044