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Our philosophy:

Ecology and economy in harmony!

The METASYS philosophy aims at offering dentists, trade and industry integrated solutions for all their needs: Modern hygiene products, amalgam separation as well as suction systems and compressors which complement each other and meet the high environmental standards of METASYS.
Production facilities and laboratory: "home-made" flexibility and expertise!
In these times when flexibility, speed and quick reaction to customer enquiries ensure success, METASYS proves to cope well with these challenges. Our own production facilities, complete with lathes and casting machines, guarantee maximum quality as well as flexible operation. METASYS also accepts externally processed orders and welcomes enquiries regarding these.
In our own laboratory, our team of chemists is permanently developing and improving solutions for modern hygiene and disinfection applications. 


Integral solutions for modern dentistry

Track record of an innovative idea

Already in the early 1980s Bruno Pregenzer, the later founder of the company, realized the dangers of continuous mercury contamination of dental waste water. He subsequently developed the first amalgam separator: a device which filters and collects the mercury containing amalgam from dental units' process water. This prevents highly toxic substances from entering and polluting the groundwater.
METASYS was founded in 1988 and within a few years it became one of the world's leading manufacturer of amalgam separators. Since then the most famous manufacturers of dental units have fitted their units with METASYS amalgam separators ex works. The vision of METASYS however, aimed at a integral solution of the amalgam problem.

This is why DENTAL ECO SERVICE, its subsidiary company, offers a comprehensive collection and recycling service for all types of amalgam containing dental waste in Europe and overseas since the turn of the millennium.
To close the circle, METASYS also started to develop its innovative hygiene products at the same time. This is how the METASYS cleaning and disinfection line GREEN&CLEAN has become a synonym for modern and environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment.
New grounds could also be broken in the dental equipment with the development of suction systems, central semi-wet suction systems, compressors, hygiene systems as well as water decontamination systems.
Nowadays METASYS still presents itself as an expanding Tyrolean company, which has become a dependable partner for dentists, trade and industry with its innovative products and reliable service.

METASYS - your partner!

3 strategic business branches, 1 strong partner!

Dental equipment: METASYS manufactures water decontamination systems, amalgam separators, hygiene systems, dry suction systems, semi-wet suction systems, compressors, as well as spittoon- and place selection valves.
Hygiene: Since the mid-1990s METASYS has been developing modern hygiene and disinfection solutions under the umbrella brand name GREEN&CLEAN. The success of this product group can be attributed to the broad spectrum of efficacy, the pleasing and novel design as well as to the well thought-out application of all products.
Recycling: METASYS believes that amalgam separation without subsequent recycling would only be half the solution to the problem. This is why it is part of the vision of METASYS to offer a simple and affordable option to dispose of all types of amalgam waste to every dentist worldwide.