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Dental equipment

It all started with the amalgam separator

METASYS manufactures water decontamination systems, amalgam separators, hygiene systems, dry suction systems, semi-wet suction systems, compressors, as well as spittoon- and place selection valves.

Hygiene & Disinfection

The GREEN&CLEAN product range

Since the mid-1990s METASYS has been developing modern hygiene and disinfection solutions under the umbrella brand name GREEN&CLEAN. The success of this product group can be attributed to the broad spectrum of efficacy, the pleasing and novel design as well as to the well thought-out application of all products.

Dispose & Recycle

A comprehensive recycling concept

METASYS believes that amalgam separation without subsequent recycling is only half a solution to the problem. This is why it is part of the vision of METASYS to offer a simple and cheap possibility to dispose of all types of amalgam waste to every dentist world-wide.


Monday, June 12, 2017

GREEN&CLEAN SD - Alcoholic spray disinfectant for disinfecting the surfaces of medical devices NOW IN 750 ml BOTTLES