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NEW - BR Biofilm removing system
Now available as a handy tool!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Removal of biofilm made easy!

BR new

Refurbish water-bearing lines of dental units with the new METASYS BR biofilm removing system.

The new BR biofilm removing system offers many benefits:

  • easy to connect
  • easy to handle
  • ready-to-use disinfectant solution
  • CE marking

No need for biofilm!
Biofilm pollutes dental process water. Dripping instruments or unpleasantly smelling water are the first signs that something is wrong with the process water-bearing pipes of the dental unit and instruments.
"The main reason for this is biofilm on the inner walls of the tubing system of the dental unit. Biofilms in water-bearing pipes of the dental unit are very often a source of infection due to pathogenic microorganisms which can directly reach the patient’s mouth via the treatment units. Hence, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) recommends the decontamination of these water-bearing pipes."

What to do against biofilm
First step: Biofilm removal with METASYS BR
Second step: Continuous water decontamination with METASYS WEK / WEK Light

UPDATED Packaging Units

Friday, December 15, 2017

From January 2018, the packaging units of the following
GREEN&CLEAN MK/MT items will be revised:

image by WebDog

60030092     GREEN&CLEAN MK/MT refill kit 2
                        1 x dispenser with 70 wipes
                        + 5 x 70 wipes

60030094     GREEN&CLEAN MT intro kit
                        1 x dispenser with 70 wipes
                        + 5 x 70 wipes
                        + 1 x canister 5 l GREEN&CLEAN SD

60030131     GREEN&CLEAN MK start 2
                        1 x dispenser with 70 wipes
                        + 5 x 70 wipes
                        + 1 x canister 5 l GREEN&CLEAN SK

Please note that the following article numbers will 
no longer be available from January 2018:

- 60030091
- 60030093
- 60030097
- 60030134


Monday, June 12, 2017

GREEN&CLEAN SD - Alcoholic spray disinfectant for disinfecting the surfaces of medical devices NOW IN 750 ml BOTTLES


From now on GREEN&CLEAN SD will be shipped in bottles of 750 ml instead of pouches. This should lead to more transport safety by delivering GREEN&CLEAN SD boxes. The method of use of GREEN&CLEAN SD remain unchanged.

The benefits of GREEN&CLEAN SD are compelling:

- short action time
- long-lasting effect against re-establishment of airborne bacteria and viruses
- drip-free spray head
- formaldehyde-free

Order no.     description
60030001     GREEN&CLEAN SD intro kit (5 x 750 ml bottles + 2 x spray heads)
60030002     GREEN&CLEAN SD refill kit I (6 x 750 ml bottles)
60030003     GREEN&CLEAN SD refill kit II (1 x 5L canister)


GREEN&CLEAN M2: Disinfection and deodorising of suction systems

Friday, May 1, 2015

New packaging

M2 intro kit new

From 1 April 2015 GREEN&CLEAN M2 will be shipped in 500 ml bottles. The use and dosage of GREEN&CLEAN M2 remain unchanged.

The advantages of GREEN&CLEAN M2 are convincing:

- dual system (red/green) active against resistance
- excellent active defoaming
- broad spectrum of efficacy
- practical dispenser

Previous order no.





GREEN&CLEAN M2 intro kit (2 x 500 ml bottles + dispenser)



GREEN&CLEAN M2 refill kit I (4 x 500 ml bottles)



GREEN&CLEAN M2 refill kit II (2 x 500 ml bottles)



GREEN&CLEAN M2 red (25 x 500 ml bottles)



GREEN&CLEAN M2 green (25 x 500 ml bottles)

METASYS water decontamination: Be on the safe side!

Monday, March 2, 2015

The new GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips

WK test strips

The METASYS WEK/WEK Light water decontamination systems offer effective solutions for the reduction of germs in dental process water. With the GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips, it is possible to conduct a visual inspection of the functionality and the effectiveness of the water decontamination system.
The scale on the test strip changes color upon contact with dental process water, thus indicating the level of concentration of the disinfectant GREEN&CLEAN WK, and consequently whether decontamination is taking place.

For the METASYS WEK Light water decontamination system, it is mandatory to conduct this visual inspection every week since the device does not emit automated error signals if no disinfection is conducted.
Provide peace of mind, order the GREEN&CLEAN WK test strips.