Contact persons

Gerald Pregenzer

Division Manager - Production & Logistics

Lukas Pregenzer

Division Manager - Research & Development

Walter Ruffini

Division Manager - Sales & Marketing

Markus Oberdanner

Sales Manager

Karl-Heinz Schultz

Sales Manager

Carola Auer

Sales Manager

Gerlinde Loizenbauer

Sales Manager

Jamal Halabi

Sales Manager

Valentina Mair

Inside Sales

Bernadette Pollmann

Amalgam disposal

Artur Blümel-Weitlaner

Head of Purchasing & Logistics

Florian Meischl

Head of Research & Development - Life Sciences

Stefan Rosam

Head of Research & Development - Dental Equipment

Sebastian Geiger

Head of assembly - Hygiene & Disinfection

Dominik Wallensteiner

Technical Customer Service

Wolfgang Glanzl

Head of Production

Christoph Trenkwalder

Head of assembly - Dental Equipment