Suction Systems

Suction systems are part of the basic equipment of every dental practice. Without them, everyday work would not be possible. METASYS solutions meet the highest demands and the stringent requirements that suction systems have to fulfill. A uniformly strong suction rate can be guaranteed even during continuous use and high material strain.

Choose the suitable model from our broad product range:

EXCOM hybrid: Central dry AND semi-wet suction systems

Single unit dry suction VAC: Ready-to-use, powerful dry suction system, complete with a condensate separator and control box

With the EXCOM hybrid, METASYS offers an absolute novelty: Dry and semi-wet suction technology is now combined in one device. The differentiation between dry and semi-wet suction is no longer necessary - one suction system is used for dry and/or semi-wet suction. Innovative design, powerful suction and reliable function: This characterizes the central suction systems EXCOM hybrid. In combination with the METASYS ZPA parallel connection system, up to 15 treatment units can be supplied with vacuum.



The electronic instructions for use (eIFU) can be downloaded from

Suction Systems Brochure

Further brochures, data sheets and instructions for use in several languages ​​can be found in our download area.


Our products

EXCOM hybrid 1s

Central dry and semi-wet suction system

EXCOM hybrid 1 | A1

Central dry and semi-wet suction system

EXCOM hybrid 2 | A2

Central dry and semi-wet suction system

EXCOM hybrid 5 | A5

Central dry and semi-wet suction system

Covers for EXCOM hybrid

Covers for EXCOM hybrid

VAC 1s

Dry suction system