Amalgam Separators

When amalgam particles are discharged into the environment through waste water, the mercury contained in the amalgam alloy is converted into organic mercury and becomes toxic: Just 1 g of mercury can contaminate up to 100,000 litres of drinking water this way! Therefore, it is not only a legal obligation but also our moral duty to properly handle and dispose of amalgam waste. Installing an amalgam separator in the dental practice is the right way to fulfill this responsibility.

METASYS single unit amalgam separators are often directly integrated into the treatment unit. Numerous dental chair manufacturers offer units with built-in METASYS amalgam separators. For retrofitting, METASYS as well as the respective manufacturers also offer unit-specific installation sets. Should it be impossible to integrate the amalgam separator into the existing equipment, it can be fitted into a shapely floor housing which requires only a minimum amount of floor space.

With a METASYS amalgam separator, you can put your trust in the proven technology of the one of the market leaders in its industry: More than 250,000 devices have already been installed worldwide.



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