Unit Hygiene

Contamination of dental treatment units through microorganisms is a long-standing and serious problem. Characteristics such as temperatures of 37 °C within the pipe systems, relatively long standing times and backflow in hand pieces promote the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause microbial contamination of the process water as well as of the water-bearing pipes and suction hoses. The large surface of the hose system and the plastic which they are made of also promote the rapid growth of bacteria which start to form deposits on the walls of the hose system after only a few days. The water passing these deposits becomes contaminated by these microorganisms, thus presenting a considerable health risk.

It is therefore absolutely necessary that the supply lines of the dental unit are disinfected, for the safety of both the patient and the dental staff. Unit Hygiene systems from METASYS handle this task completely automatically. Disinfectants especially developed for this purpose are dispensed continuously and in minute doses, thus ensuring optimum hygiene without manual intervention.

WEK Water Decontamination

WEK Light Water Decontamination

BR Biofilm removal

H1 Hygiene System

S1 Selective System