Optimization of module 2 of the MST 1 amalgam separator

Optimizations have been made to module 2 and to the amalgam collection container of the MST 1 separator. The collection container is now easier to attach to module 2. Closing the container is made much easier for the dental practice using our green sealing lid.
Since the sealing lip of the container and module 2 have been changed, only the optimized container type can be attached to new MST 1 amalgam separators as well as to new module 2 spare parts. Only this new container type is compatible with MST 1 as well as module 2 spare parts with manufacturing date from 6/23. Consequently, module 2 spare parts will first be supplied with an additional new MST 1 replacement container in the future.

Please make sure that the dental practice has on stock new MST 1 containers for future container change.

Figure 1: MST 1 module 2 – OLD vs. NEW