METASYS Incentive Program


As you surely know, many dental units of well-known manufacturers can be equipped with METASYS built-in solutions.

These built-in, or rather, “METASYS Inside” solutions include our amalgam separators MULTI SYSTEM TYP 1 and COMPACT Dynamic, as well as the METASYS water decontamination systems WEK and WEK Light, and the automatic disinfection and cleaning system METASYS H1.

With these integrated "METASYS Inside" solutions, you protect your customers by giving them more safety: Increased infection protection and cleanliness, as well as legal certainty and environmental protection that provide your dental units with additional customer benefits.  You can stand out noticeably from your competitors with your offer and thus boost your public perception.

From now on, METASYS will reward you with an incentive program, with rewards worth up to several thousand €€€.

Become part of our incentive program and create added value!

Every "METASYS Inside" solution that you order with a dental unit in the future will be included in our incentive system with valuable rewards.

Of course, technicians and salespeople in your company also benefit from our incentive program: They will receive Amazon vouchers worth €25. Find out more from your key account manager now!



METASYS water decontamination: No legionella! No lime deposits!

METASYS amalgam separation: For legal certainty! For environmental protection! METASYS hygiene system: Infection control and cleanliness

METASYS incentive program valid until further notice! The conditions stated in the participation form apply. We reserve the right to make inquiries in the dental practice. METASYS incentive program valid for selected customer of METASYS Medizintechnik GmbH.