Efficient utility room design: A guide to planning a utilty room

An efficient design of this space is crucial for smooth processes and ensuring optimum performance.
Here are some important aspects to consider when planning and designing a utility room:
It is important to carefully select the optimal equipment for your utility room. This includes compressors, suction systems and amalgam separators, see below for more information on these devices. In addition, adequate ambient temperature and ventilation play another important role in maximising the working life of your equipment and creating a comfortable working environment. Correct layout of pipes and connections is also essential to ensure efficient use of your equipment.

Here is an example of what correct pipe layout should look like:

Figure 1: Example of pipe layout

We offer comprehensive advice to help you select the equipment with the right capacity and performance for the needs of the practice, give you recommendations for the optimal room layout and support you in planning and implementing an optimal infrastructure from the dental unit to the suction system.

Figure 2: Example of an optimised utility room

Our services are aimed at B2B customers such as technicians, depots and practice planners who are looking for customised solutions for the utility room.
We invite you to join our webinar and work together to optimise the design of your utility room. In our webinar, we will discuss the role of compressors, suction systems and amalgam separators in dental practices and look at various options using our products. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. See you soon!